About Us

As a 1970’s teen and a fixer by nature, Jerri’s volunteer work began in junior high school where she learned payroll and full charge bookkeeping.  She would be volunteered to help others and call upon directly to fix and repair everything from transistor radio’s to leather goods and setting up office files then training the staff on how to use and maintain them.  Little did she know that volunteer work would morph into a career as a management consultant delivering strategic planning, operations, change management and technology engineering.

By the late 80’s, this married mother of 3 would incorporate her side-consulting work into The Competence Group (TCG) on the recommendation of a repeat customer who would also suggested the name. Today, Jerri’s consulting engagements still come primarily from referrals and her volunteer work has taken on a life of its own.

Jerri has always delivered uniquely focused assistance to her customer, along side her volunteer work which has primarily served small mom & pop entities, startup businesses and tax exempts. Over the last two decades however, she has honed in on two massively underserved communities: (a) the un-and under-employed, and tax exempt startup & 501c entrepreneurs.

With the latter felt to be an emerging but highly ignored segment of the business community, Jerri tried with no success to partner with established entities to bring help and recognition to these unrecognized small businesses. She was already well seasoned at working to connect the labor pool to job training often creating then lending out resources she produced herself, and this was in addition to donating business services to new and small business that also included training and hiring referrals.

But by 2012 she frustratingly decided to resurrect an effort she could not get out of her head. The Learners Lab (TLL) was originally designed as the classroom training and rental service of ED-Lab Online (2002-2007), an Application Service Provider (ASP) for what was “then” the new online education community of adult learners and instructional professionals. 

By 2016 Jerri reduced her engagements to one or two long term clients to focus on infrastructure building in preparation for formally launching The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF), which received its IRS recognition the year before as a charitable Foundation.  Foundation was officially appended to the name in 2017, and today, The Learners Lab Foundation is poised to become an aggressive workforce training incubator and 501c economic development charity, supported by an association and other equally impactive support entities.


For more information on the work we’ve done and where the expertise was gained feel free to download the Executive Summary & Capability Statement available below.

Thank you.

Jerri D Thomas, Chief Consultant, Capability Statement & Client Portfolio