We have been overwhelmed beyond expectation with approved Affiliate and Reseller Connections such that we have had to change the way they are presented which required us to totally redesign and restructure discount offerings in order to assure that while different, ALL are equally displayed & accessible without exception.

Our modest amount of inquiries and the referrals of others has resulted an excessive abundance of OEMS, Affiliates and other Suppliers connections in such significant numbers that what we originally planned as two (2) pages of discount resources will now be publishing as a temporary online directory of business assets. We will be designing and replacing it with a portal system that is more appropriate to manage volumes of Offerors and ALL the products, services, and resources they are bringing to you.

So while we are a team of volunteers working as diligently as is possible, do accept our sincere apologies for the delay as we work to bring the Directory online We will be publish resource listings incrementally.



Business many move at the speed of light, but when you cant get the supplies, services you need or prices are unfairly jacked up, business goes nowhere and fast.

This is what tax-exempt startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses deal with on a daily basis. Made even worse because the Small Business Administration (SBA) says they ARE NOT eligible for MOST federal programs. We knew but confirmed for the record this is across all federal agencies unless otherwise noted!

We’ve faced the same hurdles as both a for profit and charitable business concern, so we’ve been navigating those same barriers, exclusions and hurdles all these years, and creating self-sufficiencies that keep up moving regardless. This is what led us to form The Competence Group in 1980 from our pre-teen volunteer work, its how that formally became The Learners Lab Foundation, and what ultimately expanded to into the Tax-Exempt Small Business Collaborative we are today, positioned to massively hire and help more than a few 501cs at a time.

Thank you for supporting our work with your partnership or slide ad listings.

On behalf of all our 950,000 peer sibling of the future, the colleagues The Awardees served through The Foundation’s Fiscal Sponsorship, Program Registrants we are poised to begin serving, and any other Stakeholder and Colleagues we’ve helped over these many decades, it is more than appreciated.


Every connection provides prices on business assets and services that are affordable to our 501c Startup, Entrepreneurial, & Small Business, a market of peers we’ve served thru our volunteer work and now our collective of charities since the 80’s. Visit now for a sneak peak into some of what we’re doing.

We have connections to the stand office supplies, toner and paper products. But we also have discounts relationships for warehouse machinery, technology gadgets for all types of devices, tires, shredders, transcription service, an maker of frames for glasses, and a business lender we are partnering with (until our own credit union opens).

We cover everything we can.

Thanks so much for your patience as we ready the Directory pages!



The LLC and its lead charity, The Learners Lab Foundation, have been working to establish a dedicated pool direct of connections to OEM Technology Assets prior to the development of products in its own pipeline. Both are stacking up and being offered at price points that save money.

Our experience in technology and technology engineering goes back to IBMs early dates that pre-date Microsoft, Adobe, Visio, and most off the top-tier OEMs of today and includes the from-scratch building, upgrade, repair and refurbishing of every computers, desktop, workstation, service, mainframe, notebook/laptop, peripheral, tablet, cell phone, storage device to ever hit the market.

As such we are working to establish an exclusive Reseller Partnership with no reliance on another distributor to bring the best value to our 501c startup, small business stakeholders, and Govt customers such as the Federal Agencies who reached out to us requesting 50 notebooks in June and for whom NEITHER of our existing distribution contacts has yet to respond. Instances like are what we are working to eliminate, not will to tolerate such dismissiveness and is why we’ve been successful helping and making connections for more than 40 years.

As of this reading, we have secured Reseller Partnerships with Microsoft for Cloud Software, Service, and its Surface Devices, Adobe for its full line of Products, and Logitech for anything IT is offers. We’ve been approved as a Toll-Free Number Reseller by Somos the credentialing body that administrates the Toll-Free Compliance & Operating Environment, and as a Domain reseller with Tucows, ICANNs top TDL Registrar in the US. We have several applications for other technologies pending approval review. Meantime, the minute our access to OEM assets comes available, all required training is complete, and our tech support hub is configured & staffed, availability for you will go live!

So stay tuned and visit the TechHub site often. Our charities Volunteers are publishing information as soon as it comes in.

Visit the Tech Hub Connection site at



The LLC and The Foundation can be particular with whom they serve and take on as clients and equally so in the choice of sellers with whom they do business. This has resulted in a somewhat short list of companies they break their own rule on when it comes to making business or supplier referrals.

We decided to test the waters and have investigated some of those well or highly regarded companies to explore establishing a Referral Partnership.

Though there were no expectations, we were hoping for success where possible to do so.

That said, The LLC is very excited to announce we have recently established a formal Referral Partnership with Lending Broker ROK Financial.

We are configuring our Referral Page which will host our link into the ROKs customer portal, and given how critical financing is, hope that have that go live as quickly as possible.

Much more to come so stay tuned and Thank You for visiting!