So How Does This Work?

you gotta register

ALL our website will have a biz directory & every directory links to 3PM, our Open-Access Procurement system.  Then there’s “CunNECT,” our Master Global Business Directory which connects every thing including future directories.  So pic a business directory, that’s it.

And you’ll get an Appreciative, Loyal Market of Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses, a market that grows about 1M each year. 

Then you Can CONNECT

We’ve expanded our national charity into 25+, creating the countries first Cross-Pollinating Direct Sales Channels which include a Chamber, Founders Assn, Market Exchange, Fellowship Academy. 

Subscriber at our Early Bird Registration site, or download our Biz Directory or Resource Guide Form.  Then wherever our Stakeholders go, You’ll have visibility in front of them!

HOW SOON — Very!

Very, some venues have recently launched, other are staged between mid-summer-Fall 2023, then resuming Jan 2024. 

So for Visibility Enterprise wide, & permanent discount when there’s NO break in subscription, take advantage of Early Bird Registration now for steep savings on Directory, Venue & other Subscription Listings.

ALL discounts end when its Venue Goes-Live.


Yep, how much time you got?

1st, you’ll gain early & “behind-the-scenes” access, prime Ad placement & discounts, which includes access to our awardees.

We have pre-launch & other market- venue-engagement-& resource specific exclusives.

We have venue, org, & product branding & co-branding opportunities, listing comps on pending & future launches, hyperlink perks vs. contact info only, and much more.

We’ve Got Now’s & Laters!

Early-BIrd Registration

3PM, our Procurement System mirrors the Federal Govt. B2Bs must Register to do business. You get unrestricted visibility to our entire market of 501c startups, entrepreneurs, for-profit & tax-exempt small businesses, plus other B2B offerors, Subscribers, Users & Customers of our 25+ Charities. 

EBR is a dedicated entry point into 3PM announcing new orgs, programs, services, awarding early access discounts, ad perks, & other exclusives as our thank you.

The ERB site design is in progress, a Brochure-Registration form will be posted soon.

501c Startup-to-Small Business Venues

The Podcasting Business Center™ began as an informal Startup-SmallBiz network of the LLC. 

The PBC™ is the nations 1st 501c startup-to-small biz market exchange, will include bank/loan services, media, tax/finance training & other offerings 501c startups are excluded from or denied access to that Govt, B2B even peer 501cs throw at for-profit startups & small businesses

501c Startup & Small Biz Collective: an Impact Podcast Forum (Launches soon)

Weekly forum of 501c startups & small businesses that meet to ID issues & the adverse impact of politics/legislation on business operations.

They tell us what they need, then we design the solution they need & include vendors, suppliers, merchants in 3Pm/CunNECT to deliver it.

The 501c Entrepreneurs Master Guide & Resource Encyclopedia Series™

TCG created this 10-Volume +Annotated tool as a living, single-source, Bible for new, future & young 501cs.

Its subscription only, online, updates daily & includes Fed/State tax, finance & compliance regs & summaries, sample forms with instructions, biz directory, LLC-Foundation TechHub Council & Buyers Guide, business, funding, staffing, real property & info on other assets required for a business to operate.

Email us today to request a copy of the Brochure

The 501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU)™

The Competence Group, LLC is overjoyed to announce it began the process of Chartering its own Federal Credit Union earlier this year, and it has also begun graciously accepting Volunteers for its Charter Planning Committee (CPC). 

The 501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU) is a “National” Credit Unit founded for 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs & Small Business. They are a segment of small businesses that grows by at least 950,000 each year but as 501cs are “ineligible” for most SBA programs. They also tend to be excluded from the same startup or small business lending, grant competition, and technical assistance opportunities that are created for or made available to their For-Profit Siblings. And because this by legislation, other policies and business practices follow the Govt’s lead. 

So, while extending membership to others, The 501cFCU™ was established specifically “to guarantee” this segment of the startup and small business community has the banking, lending and other financial services “IT” needs to operate as a business that just happens to be a 501c.

Government Service Alliances

45+ Years of Seasoned Insights & Broad Expertise In:

 Federal & Independent Federal Agencies | State Govt & NGO Clients & Customers

Academic Institutions & Continuing Education | Professional, Curricula & Program Development, Assessment, Evaluation

Corporate & Private Orgs | Tax-Exempt Entities | Peer Consultancies | Entity Formation & Compliance | Startup/Small Business Operations

Staffing & Contracting Firm Operations, Workforce Training Program Development


Creating Tools As Needed To Deliver Results
*47 Years & Counting*

Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) & Proposal Services

Considering GSA I-FSS-40 or FAR 52.219-14 for your contract pursuit?

Let’s Chat About It

Approved Technology Reseller
& Asset Management

Acer, Adobe, Logitech, Microsoft Software & Device

Stripe, ROKFinancial, Amazon Biz

Communications & Connectivity

Affiliate Product, Service Discount Pipeline & Service Connections

Career Services Suppoort
& Job Hunter Training

Unique & Proprietary Job-Hunter Assistance

Process-Specific Job-Hunter Training

Staff & Workforce Strategic Planning



The Learners Lab Foundation Tax-Exempt Small Business Collaborative, our lead charity, begun to slowly reopen its Fiscal Sponsorship Program and is now accepting Letters of Interest (LOI) for Category 4: Grant & Donation Processing

Interested parties should email their LOI ATTN: Category 4 Fiscal Sponsorships to to begin the application process.

To learn more about The Learners Lab Foundation’s 501c economic development work, visit Thank you.


The LLC’s volunteer work has always been viewed as a charitable version of the SBA, US Depts. of Commerce, Labor, Education & GSA, and at times other agencies as well. We’ve expanded significantly establishing more than 25 charities, an overdue necessity required in order to help more than a few 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs & Tax-Exempt Small Businesses at a time

To help keep things moving along, The LLC will create new orgs and develops programs and resources as is deemed necessary. ThriftStore Finds is an example. TSF is the first of two Silent & Online Auction fundraisers. 

Proceeds be spread across the Enterprise to help connect 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs & Tax-Exempt Small Businesses to the business assets, funding, startup & whatever other assistance they are currently excluded from, denied access to or can’t obtain directly. And when connections aren’t possible, we’ll choose from our Pool of Partners, Sponsors, and Offerors to help us develop what they need in-house.

ThriftStore Finds is now live with a host of auction & raffle items and more coming, the link is below. 

On behalf of all our Volunteers, Interns & Partners, we can’t thank you enough for supporting our work!