By mid 1980’s, Jerri Thomas had already spent more than half her 20 something years volunteering and working with young, new, startups in pre-start-up mode, and small business.  She has always enjoyed repeat business as well as repeat referrals giving more opportunities to demonstrate her instincts and experience in organizational administration, HR, compliance, change management and IT.  She was even a regional volunteer Notary Public and would provide notarial services throughout the MD, DC, VA region.

Incorporating as The Competence Group (TCG), Tax ID 52-1963151, Jerri continued and eventually expanded delivery of business operations, change management, business process re-engineering, project portfolio management, product & program management, compliance, auditing and documentation, and technological consulting.  With the exception of public utilities, religious, and law enforcement, Jerri has served every industry, organization type large, small, global, & independent for clients including the Federal government, Department of Defense, public and private entities, academia, tax exempt entities, peer consultancies, and global enterprises, and she is a Teaming Partner to several Department of Defense Federal Contracting Firms.

In June 2020, Jerri formally converted TCG from a 30+ year old Sole Proprietorship to an LLC in order to propel her volunteerism to the next level.  In addition to helping her regular clients, TCG LLC now serves as the Administration & Strategic Planning Partner of The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) and its growing Enterprise Family of Organizations (FO).  In this capacity, TCG LLC donates much of its back office, program development, compliance, infrastructure development/support and strategic planning services enabling The Foundation to focus solely only on Program Management Operations and Delivery, and establishing partnerships with peers and the business community to help serve its labor pool and entrepreneurial stakeholders.

And by assuming all these responsibilities, TCG LLC has also positioned The Foundation to offer its programs and services either free or for pennies on the dollar.  What better way to meet the needs of struggling tax exempt startups, 501c entrepreneurs, & 501c  small businesses that need merchant and other business and financial services at discounted price points.

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For more information on how we can help your small business, email us today at ChiefPMO@TheCompetenceGroupLLC.comIf you are a tax exempt startups or 501c entrepreneur or want information on how to partner with TCG LLC to help our young businesses, please reach out. 

To learn more about The Learners Lab Foundation, visit https://TheLearnersLabFoundation.org and https://FiscalSponsorships.org

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The Competence Group, LLC proudly serves the following NAICS Codes(s): 541611, 541612, 541618, & 711510. 

We also serve the following SIC Codes: 7379, 7389, 8741, 8742, 8748

Tax ID #52-1963151  |  DUNS 966140337  |  CAGE Code 6URT1