Business & Operations

Even in GSA mode managing the assets & operations of our charities, we will make time for any startup, entrepreneur, or small business needing essential services.

Those services include:

business development, entity formation,

grant award & proposal intake processing,

contract review, a wide range of analytics,

business valuation, process mapping

strategic planning & business continuity services.

Channel Marketing

Startup-2-Small Business

Startup-to-Supplier Connections

These services are delivered as:

Closed, Exclusive, Open Access & Subscriber-Only Venues

They include but are not limited to:  

Market Exchanges, Podcasts,

Business/Global Directories,

Networking, Chamber & Member Only Events,

Exclusive Products, Portal-Only Access, & more

Support Services & Programs,

The LLC develops products, programs, and supporting services that empower its Stakeholder Market and facilitate self-sufficiency. 

Many are also available externally to whomever requires that support. Some of those offerings include:

800 Blow Off Some Steam – an exec venting service

A Leg Up for Startups — a Stipend Program to help Tech Startup

Impact Forum to Resolve Issues caused by Politics or Legislation